The journey of Bangladesh Medical Society of Western Australia Inc.(BMSWAI), a united front of Bangladeshi doctors & dentist living in WA, begin on the 21 August 2016 at 6 Bevan Place, Willetton WA. All enthusiastic participants took part in discussing the need & purpose of developing a doctors organization living in Western Australia, few of them includes-

  • Uniting Bangladeshi doctors in Western Australia.
  • Supporting  Bangladeshi doctors who are trying to find their ground in Western Australia.
  • Socialization among the doctors and their families.
  • Representing & taking part in activities arranged by wider Bangladeshi Australian doctors organizations countrywide.
  • Continued Professional Development etc.

Achieve this aim, we’re all working hard and diligently, involving all Bangladeshi doctors in WA into this organization.

Please join the BMSWAI. Take part in decision-making and share your views in order to further improve this organization.


To lead the Bangladeshi doctors and dental surgeons in Western Australia and bringing knowledge, leadership and advocacy for them in gaining employment and improving their career which may empower public health of Australia & represent various issues pertaining to health professionals of Australia.


Proactive networking amongst the doctors & dentists living in Western Australia towards the advancements of Bangladeshi doctors and dentists living in Australia.


The enhancement of the intellectual, ethical, philosophical interest of BMSWA members with respect, care, inclusion, integration, training and socializing.